While complex projects in your home require the services of a professional contractor, most projects are not that complex and can be handled by a handyman. A handyman can help you with:

  • Fixing a leak in your kitchen sink
  • Painting
  • Installing a new toilet
  • Replacing a sink
  • Minor HVAC repairs
  • Cleaning the gutter
  • Repairing the drywall
  • Installing a patio
  • Replacement or repair of flooring
  • Fence repair
  • Removing outdoor mold
  • Replacing air filters
  • Testing the performance of in-unit appliances like the refrigerator
  • Installing a ceiling
  • Repairing a sprinkler system

As you can see, a handyman can help you to complete many things, and you need them at one time or the other. Hiring a competent handyman is not that easy because while some of the people who claim to be handymen are legitimate, others are just after your money. You, therefore, need to be careful when hiring one. The following are some of the things to consider to hire the right handyman.


Create a list of the work you want the handyman to complete

Before looking for a handyman, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a list of the work you want him or her to accomplish. You should also put down what you expect from the handyman. This way, even after contacting the handyman, the professional will tell you whether he or she can meet your demands.


Get recommendations

After listing down what you need the handyman to do, it is time to look for one. Getting recommendations from your neighbors, relatives, friends, or coworkers who have hired a handyman in the recent past is an excellent way of finding a competent handyman. Some of the questions you should ask when asking for a recommendation is whether the people you were talking to were happy with the services of a particular handyman if was able to meet the expectations and whether the handyperson was prompt, among other questions. It is advisable to ask several people for recommendations.


Local resources

Searching local resources such as your daily newspaper and the bulletin board at the supermarkets around you can also help you find a competent handyman. You can also look in the yellow pages for listings. Capable handymen do not shy of from being known by the community, and they even distribute handouts and flyers.

After getting a list of handymen, you should proceed to speak to them and then decide who to meet to get more information about their services. The following are the things to ask about when you meet with a handyman.



When speaking to a handyman, find out how experienced he or she is. Avoid hiring a professional who is just starting. Handymen, who have been offering services similar to the ones you are looking for, for a long time, are likely to provide you with higher quality services compared to those who are just starting.


Track record and good reviews

Another thing to consider before hiring a handyman is his track record and reviews. Ensure that the professional has a record of reliable past achievement. For instance, you can ask him to provide you with several references. Contact the references and ask them some questions, including how fast the handyman responded to their calls, whether the professional completed the task assigned to him on budget, whether the handyman kept his promises and if they can recommend him to other people. You should also check if the professional has good reviews. Avoid hiring a handyman who has many negative reviews.


Professional presentation and appearance

When you meet with a handyman, check to see if he presents himself decently and professionally. A good handyman should be presentable and easy to work with. You should feel comfortable with the handyman. Since you will trust him most work in your home, make sure you hire a trustworthy person.


Professional and courteous

Courtesy is the other quality of a good handyman. He or she will also provide you with genuine answers to all your questions. The professional should also be willing to give you an explanation when you need one. It is easier to communicate with a courteous person.


A written quote

After choosing the handyman that meets your requirement, ask him or her to provide you with a written quote. The quote should stipulate all the work that needs to be done, when it should be done, and the amount you will have to pay for the services rendered.


A written agreement

Once you are content with a particular handyman, you should create an agreement with him or her. Such an agreement will help curb miscommunication, essential details, and confusion. Before signing the agreement, read it carefully.

Finding a good handyman takes time, but it is worth it. If the handyman you choose is trustworthy and completes the task you assign to him satisfactorily, you can develop a long-term relationship.


  1. There’s a few things on that list that most people can do themselves. But stuff like electrical, plumbing and drywall needs someone who knows what he’s doing.


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