Hiring a taxi

Hiring a taxi is not a tough job as long as you do not make any choices that can get you in trouble. Especially when you are drunk to handle yourself or are travelling in an unknown place, the risk of taking a taxi may increase. If case you feel doubtful about taking a ride from a stranger, even the most pleasant experiences can become troublesome. You should pay special attention to your safety and security to avoid any negative experiences. Here are five important tips for hiring a taxi in an unknown place.

Enquire about the taxi services

Take the help of locals to enquire about the taxi services as they will be able to provide you with a better option. Choose a taxi service that is used by the majority instead of looking for private taxi drivers. You can get to know the typical pricing of travelling to a destination so that you do not get scammed for more money.

Taxi services

Choose to call a taxi

Some taxi drivers may be connected to robbers and thieves that can rob you for your things after the driver takes you to an unknown alley. To avoid this, do not pick cabs from the streets. You can use the local taxi apps or phone numbers to call a taxi to your location. It will assure that the driver is verified and you can all the details in case you want to file a complaint.

Avoid taxing taxi alone when you are drunk

It sure is a good decision to avoid driving and pick a taxi when you are too drunk, but it does not mean that the taxi cannot cause any troubles. Try to have a company with you who can take care of your safety while you are in the taxi. Do not use the taxi alone in helpless situations as the drivers intent is always unknown. If you have no option, try to find a can through service and keep in touch with someone who is available to track your location.

Taxing taxi

Sit in the back seat

This is always a good way to ensure maximum safety in an unknown can. Sitting behind the driver’s seat is considered the safest as he cannot pull any moves to cause damage to you. If you sit next to the driver, there can be more passengers in the back seat. The chances are that they can attack you from behind, and you won’t be able to react quickly in such a situation. Sitting is the back seat makes you invisible to anyone passing by and will also give you a bit of dignity and privacy.

Keep away Costly & Valuable Items

Do not expose any value to your taxi drivers. If you are too revealing about how fancy and rich you are, they will only look at you as a bigger prey. In case your driver had bad intentions, it will not take long for him to rob you for your stacks of money and gold chains. Keep all the valuable packs inside your backpack and never take out too many accessories during your trip.


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