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Smart Way to Travel: Owning Private Vehicle or Hiring Taxi


People are often confused with the idea of traveling through the district since they have plenty of options to pick from. A dilemma sets in when the thought of taking a cab to the dinner rushes within your head. With millions of vehicles running on the streets, all of us tend to think of every possibility and the potential stress each of them would bring. The hassle encountered by the ones who ride their own vehicle is that of having to push the accelerator and brake through the bustling streets constantly. That could get them all worked up to ruin the rest of the day. So, which is the better option?

There are wheels of different size spinning over the roads to transport souls through places. Of all the options, the car is the mode of transport that people prefer the most. In the smartest cities across the globe, the public transport is always emphasized over the private, which has not been implemented in many parts of the world yet. Private vehicles are considered an essential asset by every family at least for the daily commute, short trips to meet people, and shopping. Although there are taxes imposed over private vehicles, people prefer them over public transport due to the factors of privacy and convenience.

Owning Private Vehicle

The Shift

There are plenty of cab services that function in many parts of the world that are, in a way much more convenient than the drive you take. Passionate drivers never give up on the idea of taking their car or motorcycle for traveling, which cannot be wholly expelled. Taxi services like Uber can be found in almost all parts of the world and never fails to take the riders to their destination, even in the hardest of situations. Keeping those services aside, you could also hire the taxi cabs that run over the roads to avoid the hassle of driving through the busy streets.

When you own a car, there are several costs that you will be levied upon including the tax that depends on the price of the vehicle you buy. One factor that people do not take into consideration is the fact that the car is a depreciating asset. On top of that, you will have to pay for the maintenance after an accident, quarterly services, parking, insurances, and loans. When the car keeps running all day, you can imagine how much it would cost you for the fuel.

By hiring an Uber, you are subject to costs per kilometer, which would stick to the minimum range or shoot up a bit depending on the demand of the hour. Or even if you go for the call taxi, you wouldn’t be charged more than a few dollars than what the Uber would cost you.

The factors of convenience and status have to be considered when buying a car because if that is not essential, you could simply avoid it. But overthinking about it shouldn’t stop you from buying it either; go ahead and purchase it if necessary. Why buy a depreciating asset when you have better options on the road? People have now started shifting to the radio taxis since that serves their purpose well and does not tie them to an asset that loses value over time.

The Ultimate 7 Step Guide to Eco-Friendly Living


To live the eco-friendly lifestyle is to refresh your insides and restore the earth’s energy. So, each small step you take towards bringing that culture within your community is considered the biggest leap in helping the world. Salvaging the earth from collapse is the duty of every inhabitant; if you are new to this form of living, you would be surprised to know about the simplest ways to get the planet breathing again. If you want lessons with that, let us look for some of these methods that you can follow in order to instill the idea of sustainable living.

eco-friendly lifestyle

1. Turn Off the Lights that Don’t Guide You

One important task everyone should practice is that of turning off the electricals. As you might know, energy conservation is the key to saving the planet from exhaustion. By leaving all the lights and other electricals on, even when not in use, you are sucking the energy out of the earth. So, make sure to switch off all such electricals only to be amazed by the difference in energy bills you receive and the restoration of the planet in parts.

2. Go for Eco-Friendly Technology

All electrical products are best to be turned off when not in use, but there is a better option when saving energy is your plan. By investing in eco-friendly technology, you are taking a step further into saving energy. Get those products that are more energy-efficient so that the energy used is less for the time it is on, consequently bringing down the bills and your energy output.

Eco-Friendly Technology

3. Hit the Renewable Track

Switching to 100% renewable energy suppliers is one of the best ways to get your homes eco-friendly. This process of changing the supplier is not a time consuming one; it is, indeed, a hassle-free one which can reduce the impact of the carbon footprint created.

4. Consume Less Meat

You might not have been aware of the fact that by bringing down the consumption of meat, your carbon footprint also gets reduced. Cutting down the intake of red meat for even a few days will have a significant impact on the environment.

5. Stop Wasting Food

Food is what the people in rags keep searching for in the garbage bins on the streets. Your waste would lend energy to someone else; so, save your food and feed them if you can or stop wasting food. That not only saves money and food but also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide being generated in landfills.


6. Compost the Stale Food

If your food has expired or is in no form fit to be used, make sure to compost it rather than shoving it down the garbage bins. By doing so, you provide fertilizers to the plants growing on your lawn and also reduce the waste being dumped at the landfills.

7. Recycle

Think twice before disposing something into the bins because a lot of the items can be recycled these days; everything from paper to batteries to cars can come back to you in a different form. Contribute to the process of recycling materials so as to be at the peak of your eco-friendly life.

Types 7 of Handyman Services that You need to Know


Ever felt the need for assistance in any household work such as fixing an appliance or cleaning the water tanks? Handyman services are made for providing solutions to common household problems. Handymen specialize in different areas of home needs and can perform almost any task like a professional. They are the supermen who have the entire home repair, installation, and renovation expertise. Here are some types of services that handymen offer.

Drywall installation

Handymen specialize in installing drywall to a home during the renovation and remodelling projects. They can work professionally with the right tools to measure, cut, and install drywall around homes with precisions and quality.

Drywall installation

Fixture replacement

Handymen can be a great help in installing fixtures at home. While simple DIY methods can replace small fixtures like faucets, cabinets, and broken switches, those who prefer professional assistance can refer to handymen. They will be able to provide quality installation of the appliances and other fixtures.

Smart home services

Handymen are the first ones to learn about smart home technologies that can be installed at home today. They can provide the best help in explaining the role of each smart device and can also install them at your homes in the right way. They get certified to install these devices at homes along with expert knowledge about each device. Make sure that you rely on a trusted handyman service while installing security systems at your home.

Smart home services


Handymen are also available for painting jobs for your home, offices, and stores. Painting the whole house can be a lot of work for those who cannot find time out of their busy schedules. Handymen can be quick in completing the house painting with a neat finish. They use the latest tools and can also suggest the right colours for your walls.

Power washing

If your workshop machines, garage doors, driveway, bathroom tiles need power washing, handymen can provide quick service. Some surfaces can become super dirty and sticky over time which can cause discolouring and damage to the surface. Power washing can clean up these greasy and dirty surfaces to maintain the shine of your house.

Power washing

Tile installation

Tile installation is not as easy as it sounds. It needs precision to be able to install the tiles properly over the entire surface without making the corners look odd. Handymen can measure the surface, choose the right size tile, and install them properly without ruining the corners. They can seal the tiles carefully so that they do not soak moisture or water.

Window repair

Handymen can also help in fixing your door and windows under affordable prices. Instead of referring to a full fledges carpenter service, you can get the job done easily with the help of handymen. They can clean up the broken glasses and woods, and replace them with new ones. They can also fix and repaint the doors to make them look as good as new.

Tips to Hire a Taxi If It is Your First Time

Hiring a taxi

Hiring a taxi is not a tough job as long as you do not make any choices that can get you in trouble. Especially when you are drunk to handle yourself or are travelling in an unknown place, the risk of taking a taxi may increase. If case you feel doubtful about taking a ride from a stranger, even the most pleasant experiences can become troublesome. You should pay special attention to your safety and security to avoid any negative experiences. Here are five important tips for hiring a taxi in an unknown place.

Enquire about the taxi services

Take the help of locals to enquire about the taxi services as they will be able to provide you with a better option. Choose a taxi service that is used by the majority instead of looking for private taxi drivers. You can get to know the typical pricing of travelling to a destination so that you do not get scammed for more money.

Taxi services

Choose to call a taxi

Some taxi drivers may be connected to robbers and thieves that can rob you for your things after the driver takes you to an unknown alley. To avoid this, do not pick cabs from the streets. You can use the local taxi apps or phone numbers to call a taxi to your location. It will assure that the driver is verified and you can all the details in case you want to file a complaint.

Avoid taxing taxi alone when you are drunk

It sure is a good decision to avoid driving and pick a taxi when you are too drunk, but it does not mean that the taxi cannot cause any troubles. Try to have a company with you who can take care of your safety while you are in the taxi. Do not use the taxi alone in helpless situations as the drivers intent is always unknown. If you have no option, try to find a can through service and keep in touch with someone who is available to track your location.

Taxing taxi

Sit in the back seat

This is always a good way to ensure maximum safety in an unknown can. Sitting behind the driver’s seat is considered the safest as he cannot pull any moves to cause damage to you. If you sit next to the driver, there can be more passengers in the back seat. The chances are that they can attack you from behind, and you won’t be able to react quickly in such a situation. Sitting is the back seat makes you invisible to anyone passing by and will also give you a bit of dignity and privacy.

Keep away Costly & Valuable Items

Do not expose any value to your taxi drivers. If you are too revealing about how fancy and rich you are, they will only look at you as a bigger prey. In case your driver had bad intentions, it will not take long for him to rob you for your stacks of money and gold chains. Keep all the valuable packs inside your backpack and never take out too many accessories during your trip.

Different Types of Massages


Massage therapy helps the body to relax by focusing on different muscles of the body. Many types of massage use healing elements and special oils which nurture the body and helps in removing toxins. It is a practice of rubbing and kneading the body with the use of hands. A massage therapist applies gentle or strong pressure to the body muscles and joints to release tension and ease the pain. A massage therapist requires special training and a degree to perform massages professional and can learn different types of therapies to offer additional benefits. Here are some types of massages that one can try to improve their body health.

Swedish massage

It is one of the most popular massage treatments in the world. It is a gentle full-body massage for people who have a lot of tension in their body and who are sensitive to touch. It practices kneading, long flowing strokes, vibration, tapping and deep, circular motions. It can benefit in relieving minor pains, improving blood flow, and refreshing the body. A session may last for 60-90 minutes.

Swedish massage

Hot stone massage

This massage is beneficial for people who experience joint pain and muscle tension and those who just want to relax. In this massage, the therapist uses heated stoned to place in the parts of the body which face muscle tensions. It helps in relieving stress, improves blood circulation, and alleviates pain. A usual hot stone massage lasts for 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy massage

An aromatherapy massage is an emotional healing therapy with the use of aromatic elements like candles and oils. It combines soft, gentle pressure on the body with the use of essential oils that are decided by the person or recommended by the therapist. It helps in boosting the energy levels, reducing anxiety, relieving muscle tension and pain. An aromatherapy session can last for 60-90 minutes.

Aromatherapy massage

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but uses more pressure on the body. It is a good option for those who suffer from chronic muscle problems, injuries, or imbalances. The therapist practices low strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the muscles and connective tissues. A usual massage session for this therapy lasts for 60-90 minutes. One should consult with a doctor for this message if they are overly sensitive to pressure.

Sports massage

Sports massage is useful if one has a repetitive injury to a muscle that usually occurs to a sportsperson. It can help in improving the muscles, which are more prone to injuries. It is a full body massage where the therapist focuses more on the body parts which need attention. It combines deep pressure and soothing strokes to the body. Sports massage is useful for relieving pain, anxiety, and muscle tension. This massage session can last for 60-90 minutes.

Design Tips for Rainwater Harvesting Components

Rainwater Harvesting Components

A rainwater harvesting system has several components which perform different tasks ranging from capturing rainwater to providing clean water for home use. Generally, an overhead or underground tank is used for private rainwater harvesting while the villages also have large ponds to store water.

Rainwater harvesting in cities requires different methods and special components are used to save on the area while providing quality rainwater harvesting. There are several different ways of managing the components for the rainwater harvesting setup. These tips will help you with each component for better results.

Rainwater harvesting

Collection of rainwater

There are different ways of collecting water, including rood, groundwater, and a combination of both. The main structural components of this section are the roof water collection system, storage tank, and recharge pit. The cost of the system will depend on the cost of each component. With the water cleaning system, nearly 80% of clean water can be collected. The water collecting roof either needs to be a slope for wash away the first water from the rain to collect only clean water or if it is a flat terrace it should not be allowed for roaming and will need regular cleaning.

Storage tank

The storage tank can be above the ground or underground or half above and half underground based on one’s choice and the availability of the land. Storage tanks can be of syntax, Ferro-cement, or even concrete. For small storages around 20,000L, a concrete tank will be an ideal choice. Ferro-cement tanks will cost the least. If the tank water is used for drinking purpose, it should have a filter system at the entry point as well as the extraction point. A draining system should also be installed for cleaning the tank. A T-joint valve can be used to ease the draining of unclean water and receiving the clean water. An RWH will be able to provide the right choice of components based on the requirements and availability of space.

Storage tank

Groundwater recharge

Artificial groundwater recharged is necessary when there is an excess source of water at the site, or the source water is compatible with groundwater. Having an RWH structure is safe and useful at a place where the water can be stored for direct use and to also recharge groundwater. It helps in maintaining the quality of overall water that is used. An average recharge structure size is 1-2 cubic meter which is filled with graded filter materials such as cobbles, gravel, pebbles, and sand in different layers. It helps in providing silt free water for quality usage. It is essential to choose the right filter-elements. If the filters are too small, they can block the water supply and slow down the process. However, if the filters are too big, the filtering will be faster, but it will not be able to remove all the suspended matters.

What to Look for in a Good Handyman for Your Home


While complex projects in your home require the services of a professional contractor, most projects are not that complex and can be handled by a handyman. A handyman can help you with:

  • Fixing a leak in your kitchen sink
  • Painting
  • Installing a new toilet
  • Replacing a sink
  • Minor HVAC repairs
  • Cleaning the gutter
  • Repairing the drywall
  • Installing a patio
  • Replacement or repair of flooring
  • Fence repair
  • Removing outdoor mold
  • Replacing air filters
  • Testing the performance of in-unit appliances like the refrigerator
  • Installing a ceiling
  • Repairing a sprinkler system

As you can see, a handyman can help you to complete many things, and you need them at one time or the other. Hiring a competent handyman is not that easy because while some of the people who claim to be handymen are legitimate, others are just after your money. You, therefore, need to be careful when hiring one. The following are some of the things to consider to hire the right handyman.


Create a list of the work you want the handyman to complete

Before looking for a handyman, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a list of the work you want him or her to accomplish. You should also put down what you expect from the handyman. This way, even after contacting the handyman, the professional will tell you whether he or she can meet your demands.


Get recommendations

After listing down what you need the handyman to do, it is time to look for one. Getting recommendations from your neighbors, relatives, friends, or coworkers who have hired a handyman in the recent past is an excellent way of finding a competent handyman. Some of the questions you should ask when asking for a recommendation is whether the people you were talking to were happy with the services of a particular handyman if was able to meet the expectations and whether the handyperson was prompt, among other questions. It is advisable to ask several people for recommendations.


Local resources

Searching local resources such as your daily newspaper and the bulletin board at the supermarkets around you can also help you find a competent handyman. You can also look in the yellow pages for listings. Capable handymen do not shy of from being known by the community, and they even distribute handouts and flyers.

After getting a list of handymen, you should proceed to speak to them and then decide who to meet to get more information about their services. The following are the things to ask about when you meet with a handyman.



When speaking to a handyman, find out how experienced he or she is. Avoid hiring a professional who is just starting. Handymen, who have been offering services similar to the ones you are looking for, for a long time, are likely to provide you with higher quality services compared to those who are just starting.


Track record and good reviews

Another thing to consider before hiring a handyman is his track record and reviews. Ensure that the professional has a record of reliable past achievement. For instance, you can ask him to provide you with several references. Contact the references and ask them some questions, including how fast the handyman responded to their calls, whether the professional completed the task assigned to him on budget, whether the handyman kept his promises and if they can recommend him to other people. You should also check if the professional has good reviews. Avoid hiring a handyman who has many negative reviews.


Professional presentation and appearance

When you meet with a handyman, check to see if he presents himself decently and professionally. A good handyman should be presentable and easy to work with. You should feel comfortable with the handyman. Since you will trust him most work in your home, make sure you hire a trustworthy person.


Professional and courteous

Courtesy is the other quality of a good handyman. He or she will also provide you with genuine answers to all your questions. The professional should also be willing to give you an explanation when you need one. It is easier to communicate with a courteous person.


A written quote

After choosing the handyman that meets your requirement, ask him or her to provide you with a written quote. The quote should stipulate all the work that needs to be done, when it should be done, and the amount you will have to pay for the services rendered.


A written agreement

Once you are content with a particular handyman, you should create an agreement with him or her. Such an agreement will help curb miscommunication, essential details, and confusion. Before signing the agreement, read it carefully.

Finding a good handyman takes time, but it is worth it. If the handyman you choose is trustworthy and completes the task you assign to him satisfactorily, you can develop a long-term relationship.

5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Learning to Drive


Learning to drive is an exciting experience which gives you a sense of independence and responsibility. It can get stressful and time-consuming in the first few days of learning, which can become overwhelming for the newcomers. Using these tips, you can improve the way you learn driving while also becoming more responsible for what you learn. It will improve your comprehending skills and help you pass your driving test with all-stars.

Prepare in advance

Before you join a driving school, you can take the help of someone who already owns a car and learn about the components of a car. You can ask your parents or someone elder to you to explain the key elements of the car before you start taking sessions with your instructor. This way, you will be able to learn quicker than if you start learning about a car during the instructor sessions.

Learn manual transmission

Many people today are opting for automatic cars as they are much more convenient to drive and keep you from getting distracted due to gear changes. But it is suggested that you learn in a manual car as it has two benefits. One is that you will be able to learn the gear shifts which is much more fun and the second is that if you get a license for automatic, you will not be allowed to drive manual cars.

Learn manual transmission

Book learning sessions in advance

You can take as many numbers of sessions as you like while you are learning to drive. There is no fixed time for completing your training. You can take it slow to get experience in each aspect of driving by booking two-three sessions every week for the next few months instead of hurrying up. You can book the timings convenient for you with your instructor in advance for them to be always available.

Pick the right instructor

Learning to drive requires patience from both the learner and the instructor. It is necessary to have a good instructor teach you driving. Take time to search the right instructor who can be calm and patient with you and can answer all your questions without getting irritated. If you hesitate to ask questions to your instructor, thinking that you will look stupid, you will only slow down your learning. If you feel your instructor is not good for you do not feel bad on switching as driving is a responsibility and you want to learn from the best teachers.

Buy your own car to practice

Having your own car to learn driving is better than using the car from the driving school. You can have the car even after the sessions and can continue to learn every day without the instructor. This will make you learn faster so that you can pass your driving test in a short time. Search for the best affordable cars for driving instead of going for high powered ones. Once you can be confident in driving, you can switch to a more powerful one.

Timmy Dooley elected FF Vice President


Clare Fianna Fáil TD Timmy Dooley has been elected to the position of party vice president, while Garrett Greene has been elected to the national executive’s Committee of 20. Deputy Dooley is Fianna Fáil’s frontbench spokesperson on Transport, Tourism and Sport and also serves as a member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Transport, Culture and the Gaeltacht Greene, from Ennis, is a dedicated member of the Fianna Fáil grassroots and has been active with the party since he was 15.

He is the current vice-chairman of the Clare CDC. Commenting on his new duties, Timmy Dooley said, “The position of vice president will be a very challenging role but one which I am relishing. I will embrace the role and help in rebuilding the party and rejuvenating it across the country. “Every member of the party will now have a say in the future of Fianna Fáil and it is vitally important that we reinstate the party back to being a strong and vibrant force in Irish politics. I would also like to congratulate Gareth on being elected to the Committee of 20”.

Party leader Micheál Martin said, “More than 4,000 Fianna Fáil members from communities across the country attended the 73rd Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis at the weekend. “There was overwhelming support for plans to change how the party does its business. Delegates unanimously passed a motion to move to a one-member-one-vote system, which means that every single member of Fianna Fáil will now have an input in party business.

“The positive atmosphere and the energy we saw this weekend is testament to the fact that Fianna Fáil has a strong and vital role to play in the future of Irish politics. I want to thank all of those from across Co. Clare who travelled up to the Ard Fheis and made their voices heard about the future of the party.”

Muse Productions celebrate AIMS success with two awards


Members of Shannon drama group Muse Productions were delighted to return from a recent weekend in Killarney at the National AIMS Awards 2017 with two wins from a possible three!
Chris Willetts was acclaimed the Best Actor for his starring role as Cervantes-Don Quixote while Kathleen Browne’s front of house team won Best House Management.

Jessica Bray just missed out on an award when she came second in the Best Female Singer category for her role as Aldonza.

On behalf of Muse, Martin McNelis congratulated all the prize winners and thanked their sponsors, in particular the Shannon Springs Hotel.

In recognition of this support, Muse Productions presented Dermot Kelly of the Shannon Springs Hotel with two framed photos of the cast, in costume on stage and celebrating their win in Killarney.

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