Head Massage

Letting yourself to be as thin as air on the bed by resting all your muscles will take you to a different world of serenity. Imagining that, alone, could bring about positive differences to your mental health since the thought infuses a sense of tranquility. But with the monotony in life, not many situations arise where you get to loosen your nerves and get transported to the peaceful side of life. You might be aware of the head massage session that gives you the much-needed relief from stress that has been ruining your days.


It surely does benefit your head, but there is more to it than just that. A few minutes of daily head massage can change the way you lead your life, which can be experienced only by trying it right from the start. The process can bring about changes that progressively add perks to your otherwise stressful life. Let us have a look at what these life-changing benefits of head massage are.


1.      Blood Circulation Increases

Be it with or without oil, massaging your scalp will help in improving the blood circulation in your head. Your scalp gets conditioned by doing this, and your head and neck area receive better blood circulation.


2.      Body Heat Reduces

Many health problems are caused by the body heat that does not cease completely. People look for methods to reduce the pressure they are under, and they find ways to bring down the heat in their body. One of the best practices to reduce the heat is by massaging your head with oil. By doing this, the blood circulation increases and the heat transmitted to all parts of your body gets reduced. Consequently, you get vitalized as the release of serotonin is triggered. Serotonin is a chemical that pulls you out of the stressful phase and guides you through the happy track.


3.      Protection from Dandruff

With the increased blood circulation, the itchy feeling on your scalp gets reduced since dandruff would be ridden off. Continuous massages can prevent the scalp from being vulnerable to dandruff.


4.      Hair Growth Improves

Hair Growth Improves

The massage improves blood circulation resulting in lower hair fall and better hair growth. It also lends strength to the roots of your hair.


5.      Scalp Gets Toxin-Free

As head massagers and professionals have stated and proved through their practice, scalp massaging reduces the number of toxins. Regular massages can remove toxins to the very last bit to keep your head clean and healthy.


6.      Body Cells Function at Their Best

An increase of oxygen level in your body will occur due to the head massage, which further leads to better blood flow all over your body. With the rise in blood circulation, body cells get activated and function at their highest potential.


7.      Memory Power Increases

Stress and heat get expelled from your body as the head massage progresses, resulting in a better mood. This would remove all the strain away from your brain and refresh it, and consequently, the memory power also shoots up to high efficiency.


Add Acupuncture to the Mix

By adding acupuncture to your head massage session, it multiplies the improved blood flow effect.  According to Moonee Ponds acupuncture clinic, Emperor’s Acupuncture’s Dr Sandra Wu: “Acupuncture forces the body to improve blood flow to the specific areas we tell it to based on where we put the needles”.


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